[Year-End Special] #5: Primary – 아끼지마 (Don’t Be Shy)

“don’t be shy 다가와 너무 고민 하지마”

Primary’s single releases this year have been spot on and “Don’t Be Shy” is no exception. Though Primary needs to be a bit more careful about his sampling habits to avoid plagiarism issues, when he’s on top of things, he produces some very interesting and chill music.



[AKR’s Playlist] You Had One Job

AKR's Playlist - You Had One Job

As a blogger, I am tasked with one job and one job only – to write about what I am passionate about. I had one job. Many apologies to my readers; I have been drowning in this sea of college life and it seems that I haven’t been able to secure an island of reprieve until now. It’s a small island but I’ll take it.

Of course, this is another catch up playlist where I will update you on what has been reaching my ears from the K-pop realm since I went MIA around August. All of these great tracks have kept me relatively undeterred by the doom and gloom atmosphere of K-pop recently. Hopefully, you all have been holding up well despite all of the drama that has happened in the industry. Regardless of all the scandals and lineup changes, the K-pop machine is still churning out some great music and I hope to highlight some of the standout tracks of this summer/fall.


[AKR’s Playlist] The Sounds of 2013: The Fight

AKR's Playlist - The Sounds of 2013 C

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“The Fight” encompasses my favorite tracks that were either released or that I had discovered after September. This first quarter of my second year of college was a tough one both academically and personally. I had a lot on my plate and I had a lot to juggle. I think the main message that I took from this period of time of my life is that, in any given fight, there will be a winner and there will be a loser, and sometimes, you can work your ass off and still lose and you can not lift a finger and still win. Life is a constant struggle because it is never as expected. K-pop really helped me remain grounded during this stressful quarter and reminded me that I don’t have to grieve over my losses alone. I do have friends, contrary to my constant loner jokes, and these friends really do listen and really do care. And, if anything, I always have the option of belting out my favorite k-pop tracks or dancing to some k-pop bangers when I’m down. Though k-pop lyrics are usually vapid, they sometimes are like my friends. Some give me candied answers, some give me bitter truths – both of which I will graciously accept.