bad girl

[Year-End Special] #6: 퍼펄즈 (Purfles) – 나쁜 여자 (Bad Girl)

“자꾸 나쁜 여자라 하지마 / 날 만족시킬 줄 모르는게 더 나빠”

I will be honest, when Purfles first came out, I could not take them seriously because PURFLES. What does that even mean? My mistake though because Purfles actually has some serious pipes.



[AKR’s Playlist] The Sounds of 2013: Defrosting a Frozen Heart

AKR's Playlist - The Sounds of 2013 A

“Defrosting a Frozen Heart” encompasses songs that were either released or that I had discovered before July. These songs shaped the second half of my first year of college and the first half of a pretty awesome year. These are the tracks that helped me get through the cold winter and that last push until summer. Some of these songs even rekindled my desire to be in love again, thus the title.

Love is a very fickle force and I’ve had to learn that the hard way in the past. One moment, it will entice you to cross the country on foot to confess your love to someone you barely know. The next moment, it will stab you in the back and leave you with a heart that is poisoned by disillusionment, frozen by betrayal. However, I think what I realized during this part of the year is that, yes, love is fickle, yes, love ain’t kind, but that’s what makes the chase so damn viable. The risks are so great, the challenge seemingly so insurmountable, but once you find that special someone, once you come out of the chase victorious, the reward is greater than anything the lottery can offer.