[Year-End Special] #7: Tahiti – Skip

“time time 장난마요 / 이러다 뚜껑열여요 / 자꾸 뜸드리지말고 skip”

Tahiti has had a pretty tumultuous run thus far in terms of members. If you check out the timeline for their members on Wikipedia, you’ll find that there have been quite a bit of shuffling in their lineup since their inception in 2012.



[Year-End Special] #8: Hello Venus – 난 예술이야 (I’m Art)

“내 피부 탱글탱글 내 미소 생글생글 / 나 어제 오늘 내일도 난 변함없이 예뻐”

Nope, you can’t take that back, HV. It will always be “I’m Art” to me. Hello Venus teamed up with Brave Brothers again and BB decided that HV was too hot to do another “Miniskirt (pt. 533,234)” so why not shake things up and do some EDM meets K-pop meets lots of short skirts and blinding lights?


[Year-End Special] #9: Fromm (프롬) – Moonlight Dancing (달밤댄싱)

“너무나도 짧아 그대와의 주말은”

I would lose my hipster street cred if I didn’t include at least one K-indie gem on my list and Fromm certainly deserves the spot. Her “Moonbow” album this year holds a special spot in my heart for being the soundtrack to my wanderlust, as I roamed around to various parts of Seoul alone during my study abroad adventure earlier this year.


[Year-End Special] #10: Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

“평소같이 하면 되는데 / 또 너만 보면 시작되는 바보 같은 춤”

Following the footsteps of f(x), Lim Kim, and other hipster-crack K-pop acts, in exchange for the bloodshed of SM’s senior groups, the Red Velvet Gods (as fans like to say) blessed us with two solid leading tracks that captured the hearts and keyboards of music critics abroad.


[Year-End Special] #11: 현아 (HyunA) – 잘나가서 그래 (Roll Deep)

“Sorry, I’m a dope girl”

Since “Bubble Pop”, Hyuna’s solo releases have been something I’ve looked forward to since they are always so fun and so damn sexy. She’s unapologetically sexy because what’s there to apologize? Last year’s “Red” was a brilliant release and so surely “Roll Deep”, with its provocative teaser movie and all, would follow suit and be as amazing.


[Year-End Special] #12: Elsie (Eunjung) – 혼자가 편해졌어 (I’m Good)

“난 네가 필요 없어”

Damn it, Eunjung–er–Elsie. We were rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. It’s not your fault, we know. You don’t get to call the shots for your solo career but, homegirl, you got hella screwed over with this release.


[Year-End Special] #13: G.soul – 미쳐있어 나 (Crazy for You)

“Loving you is 하나도 안 쉬워 but / But it don’t really need to be”

For a song entitled “Crazy for You”, G.soul’s second foray into K-pop is chill and suave. It’s another case of the Korean public not getting it though as his mini-album thoroughly charmed this listener but did not get the attention from the Korean public, who was most likely clamoring for something with a higher bpm.