About the Reviewer

AKR About the Reviewer

Hello there!

My name is Jimmy and this is my blog.


I’ve been listening to k-pop since the summer after my freshmen year of high school (damn, that’s like back in mid-2009) when a friend introduced me to the lovely ladies of Girls’ Generation. The first k-pop song that I ever liked was indeed their legendary pop single, “Gee”. From then on, my life went downhill obsession with Korean pop music grew. It was also during my high school years when I developed my passion for writing. I would write poems and short stories in my spare time and I would often write about angsty topics like being heartbroken or feeling so lonely.

Around my senior year of high school, I began to be more critical of the music I listened to. I liked listening to indie pop and Korean pop and I would often search up reviews of new releases to see if those releases would be worth the download. I was always impressed by how the reviewers would have such in-depth analyses and they would often demonstrate their expertise in the genre by referencing earlier works in their reviews. From there, I was inspired and aspired to be a true k-pop reviewer, a writer rendering his judgment on k-pop releases, and thus, this WordPress blog was born in 2012!

Unfortunately, after writing two reviews, I became swept up into college life and my blog essentially perished through my inactivity. However, during the summer of 2013, I began to revive it by writing more reviews and I remembered how great it feels to write.

And, thus, here I am, writing away.


Currently, I’m embarking on my fourth year of college at the University of California, Los Angeles. My major is currently Linguistics and Computer Science.

I have a decent command of French and am a heritage speaker of Vietnamese. I have a really basic grasp on the Japanese language (I took one year of the language in high school) and, I studied abroad in Korea for a semester so I have some basic Korean down. I self-study Korean from time to time now that I am back in the States.

I’m not majoring in linguistics arbitrarily; I genuinely have an immense interest for how languages operate and would like to learn how to apply the mechanisms of language to practical uses in technology. Computational linguistics is the field I hope I get to land in eventually.

I play the piano and guitar, not expertly but my playing is pretty good considering that I am learning it on my own right now. I have a vague understanding of basic music theory thanks to my stint in piano but I tend to write about my reactions to music rather than my reactions to the mechanisms of music so hopefully my lack of knowledge on more advanced music theory won’t hinder me too much.

How This Site Will Work

AKR Flowchart

Click here for a full description of the system I use. Now, of course, this is the ideal process for each release that is to be reviewed by me but I usually never write all three elements for a release, hence the lack of arrows in this supposed flowchart. There’s a natural progression of the three different types of reviews I write but I don’t go through a process for each release.


I do not own any pics that I use for my headers. If you are the owner and would like me to give credit, let me know and it will be done ASAP. I don’t mean to steal – I just want something visually appealing for my posts. Thanks and my apologies in advance.



My name is Jimmy and I am just your average k-pop listener who loves to write but never has any time to write.


Thanks for visiting this blog! Feel free to stick around and comment on my posts. Trust me, since I get one comment every blue moon, I respond to comments very quickly. Follow me on Tumblr or Google+ if those mediums are more convenient for you but I sure would love some company on this blog! Here’s to some awesome k-pop releases in the future!

– Jimmy


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