[Year-End Special] #9: Fromm (프롬) – Moonlight Dancing (달밤댄싱)

“너무나도 짧아 그대와의 주말은”

I would lose my hipster street cred if I didn’t include at least one K-indie gem on my list and Fromm certainly deserves the spot. Her “Moonbow” album this year holds a special spot in my heart for being the soundtrack to my wanderlust, as I roamed around to various parts of Seoul alone during my study abroad adventure earlier this year.

I honestly could have picked almost any other song on Fromm’s “Moonbow” album but this one had the most recent MV so it wins the spot. I really enjoyed the shifting frame size and the modern dancing and the one-take nature of the MV. It has that artsy but not too polished feel to it that is very characteristic of indie productions.

“Moonlight Dancing” is a playful track that is filled with fun surprises that culminate to folksy choruses that celebrate the thrill of the night, the beauty of the moon, and the joy of dancing.

Night only comes once a day, the pale light of the moon fleeting. And though my trip in Korea was short, I made sure to dance and be happy both in the moment and even now, when I am back at home, reflecting on just how fun the whole experience was. To me, “Moonlight Dancing” captures this joyful feeling of preparing to dance, of currently dancing, and of having danced.

Honorable Mentions: 찌잉 | A | Only a gorgeous piano line and some strings keep Fromm’s vocals afloat in this bittersweet song. 

Under The Daylight Moon (낮달) | A | Melancholy and heartbreaking waltz that is every bit haunting as it is beautiful. 

Honestly, just check out the “Moonbow” album. It is good stuff for sure.

Final Rating: A- | A joyful ode to those fleeting moments at night. Very good track to bring along to accompany your worldly adventures.


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