[Year-End Special] #8: Hello Venus – 난 예술이야 (I’m Art)

“내 피부 탱글탱글 내 미소 생글생글 / 나 어제 오늘 내일도 난 변함없이 예뻐”

Nope, you can’t take that back, HV. It will always be “I’m Art” to me. Hello Venus teamed up with Brave Brothers again and BB decided that HV was too hot to do another “Miniskirt (pt. 533,234)” so why not shake things up and do some EDM meets K-pop meets lots of short skirts and blinding lights?

“I’m Art” sports a regular “pop for the masses” version and a “look gaiz BB can EDM too” version and, personally, I am a fan with the club version, where BB cuts out all the kiddy synths in hopes that “I’m Art” might get a chance to be played at a club, outside where the clubgoers are waiting to get in. The drop hits harder and the release is a fierce chorus line that will hold you over until you actually get into the club itself.

It’s a shame that Lime’s daring attempt at breaking into a male-dominated rap competition, Show Me The Money, was swiftly and quietly shot down earlier this year but, hey, at least she looks fantastic with her dyed hair and miniskirt. In fact, everyone in Hello Venus looks great this release and nobody has to go deaf either because no one has a part where they have to assault everyone’s ears with some godawful wailing.

All in all, “I’m Art” is far from artsy but it is nice change of pace for BB and Hello Venus. If the club version hit harder and was a bit more trendy, perhaps this release would have been received much more warmly but, it’s Brave Brothers and Hello Venus. Maybe in their seventy-sixth collaboration, they will wow us with something we have never heard of before like wail-step, where Hello Venus just screams into the microphone and the whole thing gets autotuned and processed into a DJ Snake-knockoff single.

Honorable Mentions: Whatcha Talk About | B- | This is probably as hard hitting as Hello Venus got this year and as close as Lime got to rapping in the limelight. 

Wiggle Wiggle | C+ | You’re grooving to the hot beat, twerking along with Hello Venus when-EONGDEONGIREUL SSILLUKSSILLUKSSILLUUUUUUUUUUUUk

Final Rating: B | While the song still lacks that certain inspired oomph that an A-level song would have, “I’m Art” is still a pretty solid banger, awk name and all. 


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