[Year-End Special] #7: Tahiti – Skip

“time time 장난마요 / 이러다 뚜껑열여요 / 자꾸 뜸드리지말고 skip”

Tahiti has had a pretty tumultuous run thus far in terms of members. If you check out the timeline for their members on Wikipedia, you’ll find that there have been quite a bit of shuffling in their lineup since their inception in 2012.

Perhaps as a result of the shuffling, Tahiti is perpetually stuck in the jungles of nugudom. Even when given funky, interesting material such as dance-infused pseudo-ska “Skip” here, they’ve flown under the radar.

“Skip” is a bouncy track that brings cutesy to the dancefloor. Jazzy, bombastic horn riffs constitute the song’s hook while an insistent ska-inspired loop becomes the song’s backbone. The girls employ some cutesy rapping during the verses, which actually works – the uttered consonants bounce along with the beat and the lack of a clear melody during the verses provides a nice contrast to the melodic choruses.

I think what prevents this song from being boring is the pacing of the song. “Skip” doesn’t offer too much on the musical front and it knows that so the song just plows forward, taking care to not let anything drag.

Tahiti’s releases this year haven’t been met with much success unfortunately but at least they still have access to some pretty solid material. Eventually, something has to stick, right?

Honorable Mention: Phone Number | B | “Miniskirt” rehash but this time with red leather pants and awkward crotch rubbing in slo-mo. Vocals are pretty on point and the song lies comfortably in familiar K-pop territory. 

Final Rating: B+ | Danced up pseudo-ska with some cutesy rapping and a pervy bear who gets beat up by the girls but turns out to be a really handsome guy. Still a perv, though. 




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