[Year-End Special] #6: 퍼펄즈 (Purfles) – 나쁜 여자 (Bad Girl)

“자꾸 나쁜 여자라 하지마 / 날 만족시킬 줄 모르는게 더 나빠”

I will be honest, when Purfles first came out, I could not take them seriously because PURFLES. What does that even mean? My mistake though because Purfles actually has some serious pipes.

Even though this whole jazz, funk thing has been overdone in K-pop this year, it just had to be nugu group Purfles who did it best, in my opinion. “Bad Girl” sports some funky bass and electric guitar riffs driving the song along with some lively beats and snaps.

Dynamics were what this song did well that convinced me that this entry was superior among the twenty thousand other funk jazz songs. The song knows when to turn things down and when to bump it up a notch. That’s why that chorus sounds so bold and explosive.

I was honestly surprised considering how boring the MV for the song was. It was just a lot of shaky camera work, lip touching, and different colored walls. It goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or group name.

Final Rating: A- | Very strong jazz funk track that knows when to strut and when to keep it hush. 


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