[Year-End Special] #3: Twice – OOH-AHH하게

“모두 나를 가지고 매일 가만 안 두죠 / 어딜 걷고 있어도 빨간 바닥인거죠”

With 22 million views on their debut MV, it would be a lie to say that Twice had a flop debut. Getting the public emotional invested in the members of Twice by having the girls compete for a spot in the girl group through a TV show worked brilliantly (so much so that it must be the inspiration behind the upcoming Produce 101). The show gave these newbies to the K-pop scene an already workable fanbase coming into their debut and thus, their success and popularity aren’t too surprising.

However, it would be another lie to say that Twice’s debut single was terrible because it was an adventurous hodgepodge of a track. The song is laden with auditory goodies, everything from claps and explosions to flutes and electric guitars, ensuring that it is never a boring listen. With its trap-infused breakdown during the second verse, explosive rock-tinged choruses, and familiar pop song belting during the last refrain, “OOH-AHH하게” sounds wild but always manages to keep it together.

The MV is Halloween-lite, where everyone but the girls are zombies and it is through the power of Twice’s music and charms that the zombies slowly come back to humanity. Shrugs. I just watch it for that epic dance break, where Momo shows off her beautifully sassy hair whips and graceful dancing.

Since most rookie groups will not have the privilege of having come from a big company and being born out of a TV show, fame and fanbase already set and all, the quality and caliber of Twice’s debut release is what rookie groups would be dreaming of.

Honorable Mention: Candy Boy | B | Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for a sweet piece of pop and this is it. 

Final Rating: A- | A wild ride of a debut single from a well-equipped and very attractive bunch of rookies. 


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