[Year-End Special] #1: Jimin – Puss

“I’m the motherfucking top madame”

I always knew Jimin was a tryhard from the very episode of Unpretty Rapstar and her performance during the first episode wasn’t too memorable or anything. However, when I watched the semifinals and saw this performance, my jaws dropped when I heard Jimin, this short little Korean pop idol, swear in English as she declares herself a “top madame”.

It is no surprise that “Puss” is the biggest thing that came out of Unpretty Rapstar. We got an idol, who has such a clean cut image from being the token rapper of AOA, swearing up the place, we got a beat that actually goes hard, we got a guest featuring from someone who is competent, this had banger written all over it.

It is hard to deny the iconic status of “Puss” at this point. Sure, Jimin’s rap is an acquired taste but seriously. How did she go from “Miniskirt” to “bitch you a fucking puss”? The subversion of the idol image and the catchiness of the beat all add to how brilliant this song was.

Never would I have ever thought the leader of one of the top girl groups in Korea could go hard on a rap track but Jimin fucking did it. Top madame indeed.

Honorable Mention: God | B | Top Madame tried again later in the year for a Puss 2.0 but it just could not top the original. Good try, though. 

Final Rating: A | The circumstances and the hardcoreness just all came together to create the rap banger of the year that no other Unpretty Rapstar song could ever hope to match. Jimin, you are one real bad madame. 


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