[Year-End Special]#14: Fiestar – 짠해 (You’re Pitiful)

“너 정말 짠해 날 두고 돌아설 때보다 / 더 짠해 겨우 몇 달 사이에”

What Fiestar needs is for Yezus to completely blow the waters with her solo release à la “Puss” so that Fiestar can get the break they deserve. “짠해” was a gem of a release that relatively went under the radar and that is a crime. If there was any good that came out of the staged trainwreck that is Unpretty Rapstar 2, it would be that Crazy Dog Yezi finally got some deserved spotlight. Use this spotlight, Yezi, and be the salvation Fiestar needs.

“짠해” is another one of those middle finger to the ex kinds of songs but what I like about it is how muted and wistful everything is. The guitar instrumentation ground the song, keeping the intimate “acoustic” vibe at least vaguely throughout the song, while a crisp beat drives the song forward to avoid the song from being too mopey and boring. Yezi’s rap adds a needed edge to the song; the girls are, after all, bearing their fangs in this song against an ex.

Shinsadong Tiger has a very good track record so the polish on this song is not surprising. On the visual front, the concept of the MV is nothing new but I really enjoyed the partner work in the choreography and the inclusion of chairs. Not that anything about this release is revolutionary or anything but it was a slick and solid release that just did not get the recognition that it rightfully deserved.

I likened it to that kid that worked hard on her science project, brought it to the science fair, only to get a participation ribbon. Sure, she didn’t discover the cure to cancer but her fake volcano was on point and her poster board had diagrams. DIAGRAMS.

It really is a shame but I am hopeful that Yezus will do something to fix Fiestar’s fate.

Honorable Mention: So Tight | B | Straightforward and solid B-side that continues the vibe from “짠해”. 

Final Rating: B+ | Wistful but thorny single that handles the aftermath of a breakup with grace. Souped up version of what could have been a really dreary, boring ballad. 


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