[Year-End Special] #13: G.soul – 미쳐있어 나 (Crazy for You)

“Loving you is 하나도 안 쉬워 but / But it don’t really need to be”

For a song entitled “Crazy for You”, G.soul’s second foray into K-pop is chill and suave. It’s another case of the Korean public not getting it though as his mini-album thoroughly charmed this listener but did not get the attention from the Korean public, who was most likely clamoring for something with a higher bpm.


I, on the other hand, am particularly a fan of this chill house kind of sound and I think G.soul’s vocals lend themselves well to this kind of laidback vibe. This song would not be out of place being played at H&M or equivalent stores, which I don’t find as an insult but some may – take it how you will.

The reason this release got shafted in Korea may stem from the fact that this chill sound ran counter to the swaghop trend that was firmly entrenched in K-pop around the time of its release. ‘Twas unfortunate but all the more reason of pretentious hipsters like you and me to hop aboard the G.soul train.

The MV contrasts with the song’s vibe in that it is every bit as pretentious as the song isn’t. Every frame of the video seems like it would be befitting a Tumblr blog or the portfolio of an experimental photographer who binged on lighting and huffed a couple leaves before shooting. Smoke coming out of someone’s mouth?  Check. Doctors donning clown masks? Check. Dancing in the desert? Check. Gas masks? Check check check. For such a humble sounding song, it got such a highbrow music video; I personally dislike the dissonance.

Regardless, I enjoyed this song and the accompanying mini-album. Sometimes, you just gotta swallow your pride and just admit that you like pretentious things. It doesn’t need to be a difficult ordeal.

Honorable Mention: Stop the Love | B+ | “Crazier” than the title track. A bit more ominous and upbeat but still retaining that house love.

Final Rating: A- | Spot on blend of warm, unassuming vocals and chill vibes. Tight production, faithful to the boundaries of its genre.



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