[Year-End Special] #12: Elsie (Eunjung) – 혼자가 편해졌어 (I’m Good)

“난 네가 필요 없어”

Damn it, Eunjung–er–Elsie. We were rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. It’s not your fault, we know. You don’t get to call the shots for your solo career but, homegirl, you got hella screwed over with this release.

The masterminds behind this banal reject of an A-side probably thought giving Eunjung this would be a great idea since Jiyeon’s ballad solo went relatively well last year. But while Jiyeon’s slow burner (sorta) ballad had some redeeming qualities such as an interestingly shot video, provocative choreography, and some gloomy sound effects to match the gloomy song, “혼자가 편해졌어” has all of the gloom but none of anything else that matters.

The MV is just a lot of Elsie pouting at the camera in the corner or in a chair and touching her hair because apparently even she thinks her hair is more interesting than this dead ballad. Actually, yeah, Elsie. Your extensions are more interesting and brilliant than this entire MV and the song combined. Her grinding and awk body rolls do not even compare to how hot Eunjung looks with long hair.

An Eunjung solo release, had it been more interesting, would have been nice to have but we can’t all have nice things apparently. This was one solo release I slept through and could have easily done without. LOL, no thanks, Elsie; I’m good.

Honorable Mentions: Love Effect | B+ | Finally, something with an actual heartbeat. Disco strings adorn a lively song that struts forward with confidence and grace. Why was this not the title song. 

눈물비 (Tearsdrop) | B | Even the obligatory ballad of the mini-album is more interesting than the title track. Parisian accents, melancholy coffee shop music, much more classy and refined than what the title track offers.

Final Rating: C- | Eunjung looks hot with hot hair. *shrugs*


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