[Year-End Special] AKR’s 2015 Compilation

AKR 2015

It has been quite a busy year, quite evidenced by the lack of updates and trail of broken promises on this blog, so winter break is a more than welcomed reprieve from it all. Every end of the year, I always hop on the bandwagon of end-of-the-year compilations that other K-pop blogs churn out and so, to continue the tradition of bandwagoning (because K-pop is all about how well you can bandwagon, really), here is my compilation of 2015’s K-pop.

Bloggers seem to like the number 50 and, last year, I couldn’t even reach the 20 that I sought out to do, so I will shoot for 25.  Thus, I will keep it short and simple by providing my commentary on each song I choose to be part of the list and my personal rating for the song. One song per artist and the song can come from any of their works released between January 1st, 2015 to December 27th, 2015.

Note: ordering does not reflect ranking so a song labeled as #49 is not necessarily worse than a song labeled as #18; I just happened to write about song #19 earlier than song #18.

It has been a very good year for K-pop, in my humble opinion, and I certainly have my set of favorites from this year. I do feel like the cogs of time are turning and I feel like this year marked the end of another era of K-pop. Not that this is particularly bad or anything – K-pop is merely progressing and for progress to arrive, there must be an end and a beginning.

This makes 2016 all the more exciting. What will the next generation of K-pop bands bring us? How will the veterans of the scene compete or will they even compete at all? Who will break up and who will fill in the empty spots in higher tiers of K-pop groups? Will Somi not get eliminated TWICE in Produce 101? Will Jimmy actually write actual material instead of apology posts on this blog in 2016?

We shall see. One thing I am sure of is that K-pop will continue to evolve, perhaps chasing trends in distant lands but at the very least infusing some Korean flair into these foreign sounds. And while I may grow ever busy, I always have that itch to write from time to time and that is what draws me back to this quiet little corner of the Internet time and time again.

Happy holidays, my dear non-existent readers.


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