[Year-End Special] #20: 4minute – 미쳐 (Crazy)

“I’m a crazy girl around here just like gossip girl.”

4minute rang in 2015 in the baddest way possible for K-pop with “미쳐”. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know. Never would I have expected 4minute to be the engine behind this trap, swaghop trend that became standard boy band fare this year but they did it. Honestly, who wasn’t getting a little jaded from 4minute dishing out the usual Brave Brothers tracks?

Thankfully,”미쳐” packs a punch – from the pounding bass to the ominous horn samples to the grandiose buildups that led to sharp, aggressive choruses, “미쳐” had all of the ingredients required for a true banger. Now, I’m not a connoisseur of trap music but, as a casual listener, I can really enjoy how crisp the bass is and how powerful the final product sounds. Amidst all the boring RnB, funk-inspired music that had been saturating K-pop (and obnoxiously continued to clog up the K-pop pipes through 2015), “미쳐” was a refreshingly different alarm clock of a song for K-pop.

One of my favorite memories of my sojourn to Korea earlier this year involved this song – the very next day after this song was released, a few stores in the streets of Seoul were already blaring “미쳐” and my travel buddies and I could not help but absolutely go crazy dancing to this song, in front of the stores, no less.

In the streets of Hongdae, one can often find street performers – groups of college or high school students covering K-pop choreo or yearning vocalists hailing from the acoustic, coffee shop music scene. One particularly sassy group of guys were dancing to “미쳐” and of course, we just had to join in. Too bad I never bought a bucket hat in Korea or else I would have totally set up my own area in Hongdae and made some bank.

4minute may have been hopping aboard trains before but it seems as though they were the conductor for one this year. Nugu boy bands of 2015 tried to emulate this trap sound that “미쳐” had but none could ever quite hit this level of edgy, powerful, and crazy that “미쳐” reached.

Honorable Mention: 간지럽혀 | B | Funky, slick B-side that is sassy and brassy. All in all, a fun, straightforward track that is a consolation prize to fans alienated by “미쳐”.

Final Rating: A | Bucket hats off to 4minute for revamping in the right direction. Let’s just hope Skrillex can figure out how to top this in 2016. 


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