[Year-End Special] #19: miss A – 다른 남자 말고 너 (Only You)

“다른 여자완 달라 뻔한 사랑은 싫어”

The hype for miss A was too real so I may have gotten a bit too excited and set the bar for this release a bit too high. “Hush” was such an awesome song so I had naively thought that the lapse between releases meant the production value was higher for this release. You don’t always get what you want, I suppose.

For a group that started off so fiercely and strongly, both conceptually and musically, miss A’s latest release felt uncharacteristically muted. That’s not to say that “다른 남자 말고 너” was a terrible release by any means but the effects of skewed popularity between members and much time away from the spotlight manifest themselves here. The choreography seems below par on complexity for miss A and line distribution in this song is uncomfortably skewed in Suzy’s favor.

Verses lead to less exciting than expected choruses which lead to sluggish post-choruses. Nevertheless, the parts themselves are pleasant to listen to but perhaps JYP had his eggs in another basket (Twice) during this release. “다른 남자 말고 너” is a pretty good piece of pop but everything just sounds like it was produced with 80% the effort.

Why is there obnoxious growling in the background during the pre- and post-choruses? What is with JYP’s obsession with American pop pre-2000s? Why does the creepy peeper in the MV never get confronted by Jia or Min, who would soundly kick his pervy ass? Why is the choreo during the chorus so damn boring?

miss A may have returned in 2015 but definitely not at 100%. Just as how miss A claims to not want a typical love, I don’t want a typical K-pop release from miss A.

Honorable Mention: Love Song | B+ | A fan fave from the beginning for its captivating instrumental, which fluctuates between dramatic piano backed by some soft hip hop beats to some inspired violin-infused trap.

Final Rating: B- | Guess JYP was thinking about it twice (heh) during miss A’s release. Not the most exciting release from miss A but it will do until we get something more miss A-like. 


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