[Year-End Special] #18: Mamamoo, eSNA – 아훕! (AHH OOP!)

“기회를 줄 테니 just don’t screw it up 미치겠네 다칠 까봐 걱정되잖아”

The moment Mamamoo debuted, I was sold. With three extremely strong vocalists and a spunky rapper in their roster, all of whom have fantastic stage presence comparable to veteran performers (newbies can’t possibly be comfortable enough to adlib during every stage they have), the humility of a newbie act, the teamwork skills needed to self-choreograph to their own songs and acts, and a heart of gold, Mamamoo definitely embodies the soul of a true performer. When they perform, you can tell that they pour their hearts and souls into their performance and I can never help but feel so giddy and happy whenever I see them perform.

They may not get the Girls’ Generation-level of popularity that they deserve for the amount of sheer talent they possess but they sure have fun on stage. Their string of releases since debut have all been solid and I may not like all of them but I have my favorites, Ahh Oop! being a member of my list of favorites.

Ahh Oop! is sassy and groovy, masterfully written by the also extremely talented and unfortunately overlooked eSNA (shoutout to her because apparently she used to go to my current university). In fact, I would argue that it is her sassy but classy but damn sultry vocals that is the driver in this song and Mamamoo are members of eSNA’s squad, backing her up. eSNA’s sass and class is so overflowing that she had to release a brilliant follow-up track to address her lowly haters, who wouldn’t give credit where it’s due. Together, the five ladies craft an exciting, catchy, solid piece of pop that is infectiously genuine.

Frustratingly, talent does not equate to popularity in K-pop but I am hopeful that Mamamoo and eSNA will have bright futures ahead in 2016 and beyond. Their talent is just way too much to be overlooked. They’ve been giving the Korean public many chances to love them. Here’s hoping the Korean public won’t screw it up.

Honorable Mentions: Gentleman | B+ | Laidback track dressed up with jazzy effects, spotlighting the velvety vocals of eSNA and Mamamoo once again. 

Freakin’ Shoes | A- | A battle between brass and pompous jazzy horns molded into hip hop beats and sensual vocals dressed up by equally sensual instrumentals.

Final Rating: A- | Sassy middle finger to all the bad boys out there, eSNA and Mamamoo’s talent and classiness knows no bounds in this groovy track. 


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