[Update] Adult Life Sucks

Hello, my non-existent readers!

Ever since returning home from Korea in June, I have been way too busy (like actually busy, not lazy like past summers) to be reviewing K-pop releases and I would like to apologize for my absence this summer! If you have been following my Twitter, you would know that I am currently doing an internship and am quite swamped with work by it. I’m kinda cheating a bit right now by blogging but it’s Friday, I have renewed interest in blogging, my supervisor ain’t even here, and I am feeling rebellious.

Just some updates about myself and the future of this blog and my blogging side hustle:

  1. Yes, I know, I still have EXO-themed logos. No, I am still not steeped in the EXO fandom. Yes, I have fallen out of love with EXO just purely out of disinterest. Yes, I am writing this as though I get so many questions but in actuality I get a reply on Twitter once every four years. Yes, I will do my best to revamp the blog and make it look more up-to-date with my interests and personality. No, I don’t like asparagus.
  2. If you like stalking people and you stalked my About page, you would know that I am currently studying linguistics in college. Usually, I would spazz about linguistics things on my Tumblr but I haven’t touched my personal Tumblr in a very long while and I feel like it would be very out-of-place to put my thoughts on linguistics here. I plan to create a new blog dedicated to my adventures in linguistics and will update you all as soon as I create my first post on it so stay tuned if you’re interested!
  3. Study Abroad Adventure posts will most likely be moved to another, separate blog. I think it is a bit too jarring to have reviews and K-pop posts and then study abroad posts. I will hopefully get around to documenting highlights of my adventure last spring on this new blog.
  4. I miss writing about K-pop. I wish I had more time to write. Unfortunately, I am stuck with this internship all the way until I return to college in September. Updates will continue to be very minimal but I’m always active on Twitter so don’t leave me all by my lonesome self and follow me on there!

I have missed you, my imaginary readers! Here’s hoping that I write more content for my blogs very soon! 🙂

– Jimmy


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