[Upcoming Release] miss A – Colors

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder so the hype for this album is palpable. miss A hasn’t been back in an eternity, with their previous release being “Hush”, which was eons ago (which is K-pop for a year and a half ago). Needless to say, fans, obviously me included, are beyond ecstatic to hear that miss A is about to be released from the JYP dungeons once more. What can we expect for their seventh project, “Colors”? Well, we know what we can not expect. JYP~


The album spoiler begins with a teaser of the album’s obligatory downtempo RnB ballad. Placed earlier than expected, it is a bit of an underwhelming start but I suppose the contrast between this and the titular track makes the placement of “한걸은” smart. Everything about this song screams standard though so I’m not particularly hyped for this one.

다른 남자 말고 너 (Only You)

What? No JYP? That’s crazy. Well, their last non-JYP release was brilliant (“Hush” was my jam) so their choice to ditch JYP again seems smart. “Only You” sounds like a mashup between retro sounds and that trap sound that seems to be so ubiquitous these days. Very intriguing mix indeed and the snippet we get to hear features some very bouncy lyrics and melodies.

Love Song

Besides the title track, “Love Song” is a song that I am especially hyped for. Who wouldn’t be hyped after hearing this teaser? There is an intense buildup to something that promises to be an epic release and “Love Song” sounds nothing like any of the other songs in the album.


I’m getting a very slick RnB vibe from this track with that seductive speak-singing and banging beat. I’m actually pretty intrigued and am looking forward to this track too. The subdued vibe of

I Caught Ya

With the lyrics penned by Suzy herself, I wonder if this song is actually any good. The teaser boasts a very groovy vibe with a driving rock beat and sounds very upbeat.


“Stuck” isn’t particularly standout but perhaps the only reason it is standout at this point is the fact that the lyrics were written by Min. Seems like JYP is trying to up miss A’s singer-songwriter cred or something. “Stuck” sounds just like another filler track as it is a very standard sounding downtempo to end the album. Not something I will be hyped over but it sounds like a good finisher.


Highly Anticipated Tracks: 다른 남자 말고 너 (Only You), Love Song녹아



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