[Year-End Special] GOT7 – A

Rookie groups have their work cut out for them. It’s rough being a rookie in an industry where branding is everything. If you don’t have notoriety, you either have to get extremely lucky and go viral or build up your fanbase, one excruciatingly exhausting release cycle at a time. GOT7 is a group blessed with the fortune of being JYP’s newest boy band venture and is also blessed with housing some extremely dorky, talented, and ethnically different guys.

“A” is a feel-good, light RnB track that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In a way, that sums up the image that GOT7 seems to be going for – they want to be presented as a group of talented guys who are in it to win it but are also just charmingly human and goofy. Everyone has their quirks and GOT7 is a group of guys who are determined to not let the flashy lights of K-pop blur out their quirks.

I particularly enjoyed “A” because the release overall is just adorable and over-the-top cute. However, it’s not saccharine cute – it’s a nice compromise between cutesy and smooth. “A” is a success not because of the song alone but because GOT7 members are natural born performers and the fact that they always look like they are having a great time whenever they perform this song is indicative of how much they were meant for the stage.

These rookies have a lot of potential and I hope “Stop Stop It” was just a blip on the radar because they are capable of so much greatness that it would be a shame for them to just sink because of poor song choices. Here’s to more releases like “A” in 2015.

Report Card

Concept: B+

GOT7 all want this particular girl and they all are acting dumb over her. Very old-fashioned K-pop plot but I think that’s part of the charm of “A”. The plot is super simple to follow along, the focus of the video is just the guys being cute as hell, the song adequately shows off the boys’ talents. Again, I really love the light-hearted feel to this release because boy bands tend to get aggressive or angsty and sometimes, just a cute little love song can go a long way. The fact that everyone looks comfortable and just happy to perform this also helps the aesthetics of the performance overall. Choreography is very silly and adorable so it is hard to not like GOT7 when they are performing this song.

Cohesion: B+

Relatively strong production and the music video’s vibe matches well with the lyrics and the vibe of the song. There’s a very youthful (but not juvenile) quality to this release that is very charming. Not much to complain here besides that it isn’t mind-blowing of a concept.

Execution: B

Vocalists in GOT7 are gifted and very stable live whereas rappers in the group are passable. Honestly, that’s all I would want from a Korean boy band. The song is pleasant and the vocals are equally upbeat and charming. “A” does get stale after a while but the focal point is more of the full package as presented on stage.

Final Grade: B+


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