[Year-End Special] Hello Venus – Sticky Sticky

My eyes roll out of their sockets every single time I hear that intro because it reminds me why this song sounds so familiar – it’s another Brave Brothers-produced song. I would describe Brave Brothers as the McDonald’s of K-pop. Step into any McDonald’s and you will be greeted with generally the same menu containing food that is prepared the same way and, though their Big Macs are the epitome of the ticket to obesity, you can’t deny that Mickey D’s fries are rather delicious.

Similarly, every time you hear the phrase “Brave Sound” in a K-pop song, you know what to expect: retro-meets-hip-hop, obnoxious growling, lots of 섹시, seedy lyrics, plenty of oohs and ohs, a handful of horns, and, of course, strong production. The annoying part about BB is that they know how to produce songs well. All of their songs may sound alike but they all sound damn addictive and pop-friendly; a BB-produced song is the K-pop equivalent of a fresh order of McDonald’s fries.


“Sticky Sticky” is a song that, once again, does not stray far from the BB formula. In fact, it plays it so safe that not even the atonal bells during the pre-choruses can save the song from total genericness. Sure, the chorus is pretty catchy but, when half the song is filled with ohs, one can’t help but wonder what these girls are oh-ing about. Yeah, we get it, HV, y’all are looking for some action tonight but, girl, you do not need to be oh-ing a total of 120 times over the course of three and a half minutes to seduce us. I know every BB song has a hook and this is it for “Sticky Sticky” but can it be any more generic of a hook?

And yet, the reason why this song is still even relevant to me is because of how polished the production is and how damn catchy “Sticky Sticky” is. It’s not the most remarkable K-pop song ever made but the key point is that it is listenable and it is trying-to-be-sexy pop.

When you’re in the mood for fine dining and fine K-pop, “Sticky Sticky” would be the last track you would imagine. However, when you want something that would hold you over until the next brilliant K-pop release, “Sticky Sticky” still wouldn’t be the choice track. It is when you’re in the mood for some familiar pop music and you want that “Brave Brothers is back” action and you’re stuck babysitting someone who unfortunately enjoys listening to a nightmarish playlist consisting of Crayon Pop and Psy (post-“Gangnam Style”), that’s when “Sticky Sticky” would be nice to listen to.

Report Card

Concept: C-

The premise of the song isn’t anything new. Being dragged along on a date with Hello Venus is a nice touch though I honestly would not want to be on this date. Colorful aesthetics for the set but, seriously, let’s be real, we’ve seen this kind of set up before. The choreo is a bit awkward with the whole butt-rubbing dance but I’ve seen worse butt choreo in K-pop. Much worse.

Cohesion: B

I’ve said this in a past post before but it’s true – horns in K-pop means a horn-y song, wink wink. The instrumentation, the way the chord progression anxiously oscillate between two chords, the seductive ahs and oohs in the background, everything screams sexy. For a generic release like this one, it’s not exactly difficult to be cohesive. There’s a clear, well-mapped theme and the production as a whole stuck to that map.

Execution: C

If I had to judge from this one song, Hello Venus’ roster wouldn’t seem to have any standout vocalists. All of them sort of blend together and it might just be because of the song in general but there just aren’t any vocals that blow me away. Many of the vocalists on this track sound rather whiny, which I guess is supposed to be their rendition of “sexy”, so I am not impressed at all. That’s not to say that Hello Venus’ vocals are offensive to the ears; they generally sound nice but just a little too on-par to slightly sub-par. This is bare bones BB so the production doesn’t exactly help the girls out either.

Final Grade: C


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