[Upcoming Release] f(x) – Red Light

After “Pink Tape”, f(x) is finally coming back a year later with “Red Light”. I see what’s happening here. To make an f(x) album, you just gotta name it something like “Blue Elevator”. Or “Silver Printer”. Or “Orange Washing Machine”. SM Ent, you best not be stealing my brilliant album titles.

The album highlight medley was just released and, just as I expected, SM realized that K-pop listeners do, in fact, enjoy listening to interesting music and they have decided to continue on building upon the standards set by “Pink Tape”. It’s too early to tell if “Red Light” will exceed or meet expectations but this album preview seems promising.

Brilliance does not seem to be equally distributed among the entire album, which is a slight letdown (but let’s be real, it’s K-pop and there is bound to be two or three filler tracks per album), but the promising tracks have much potential to surpass their predecessors on “Pink Tape”. I think the title track was appropriately chosen because it sounds the most intense and exciting out of all of the tracks on the album. Definitely crossing my fingers that all of those previews for Red Light are not lying to me and definitely hoping that f(x) will earn a larger degree of commercial success with this release; they sure deserve it.

무지개 (Rainbow)

The album highlight medley starts off strong with the spiritual successor of “Step” from last year’s “Pink Tape” album. The snippet of the song doesn’t really reveal much but that rambunctious and sassy energy is there and you know how much I like my sass in my electropop. This definitely is a smart track to start the album off with as it certainly builds a lot of hype and energy.

우유 (Milk)

Though the preview of “Red Light” primed me for a more intense song, after listening to the preview of this song a few times, “우유” is definitely an interesting listen. The influences from Bollywood music is apparent in this track; from the instrumentation to even the phrasing and delivery of the lyrics, “우유” sounds vibrant, catchy, and playful.

나비 (Butterfly)

“나비” sounds very spacey and ethereal, definitely continuing where “Airplane” left off last year. I love the instrumentation and the snippet of the vocals that we get to hear from the medley. Very interesting. Hopefully the rest of the song is just as dreamy and interesting.

뱉어내 (Spit It Out)

If “Electric Shock” and “Kick” had a love child, it would probably sound like where this snippet of “뱉어내” is headed. You got f(x)’s signature chanting with some banging and frenetic instrumentation. It could go either way at this point – either this song will turn out pretty damn catchy and exciting or it will just be a busy mess of a song.


Electric guitars? Speak-singing? Not going to lie, I’m a little turned off by this song but it’s just the highlight medley so the full song could prove me wrong.


Seems like a typical K-pop track with a nonsensical hook and that one English word thrown in for good measure. Pretty standard fare for K-pop so I’m not exactly impressed.

Summer Lover

Another filler track it seems. It sounds even more generically K-pop than “Dracula” unfortunately. At least there isn’t any speak-singing in this one.

Boom Bang Boom

Very theatrical and much more exciting than the previews for the previous three track. I’m actually excited for how the rest of this track pans out because this snippet is pretty intense.

종이 심장 (Paper Heart)

Wow. I wonder who wrote the obligatory ballad of the album. It’s probably not Amber, that’s for sure. Regardless, I am digging the country-pop vibe I am getting from the snippet offered through the medley. Just worried that the vocals won’t follow through because f(x) is exactly renowned for outstanding vocals. Hopefully, the ladies of f(x) has improved vocally since their last release (y’all had a year so no excuse, right?).

All Night

Definitely one of the tracks I am anticipating – it sounds funky with some elements of disco. The preview of this track that was released also seemed very promising and f(x)’s vocals on that preview were pretty nice so I hope “All Night” will be more than just alright.

Red Light

Damn. It sounds worthy to be the title track. “Red Light” sounds intense, urgent, dramatic, and explosive. I am just praying that whatever is in the intense teasers for “Red Light” that were shown during the previews of music shows this past week will be in the actual song because that dark techno sound combined with that ominous hip hop beat sounds absolutely hardcore.


Highly Anticipated Tracks: 무지개 (Rainbow), 우유 (Milk), 나비 (Butterfly), All Night, Red Light


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