Happy 2nd Anniversary of the Aspiring K-pop Reviewer!

Time sure flies when you start a blog right when you start college – it has been already two years since I first started this blog. AKR had humble beginnings and, in that respect, not much has changed since then. It has always been my own little corner of the Internet to just talk about something I’m passionate about and, should anyone manage to find this blog and read it, I treat those views as the cherry on top, never expecting them but being grateful for them.

College life has made it extremely difficult for me to have time to just sit down, listen to K-pop, and write about what I hear but I am extremely grateful to the few regulars who follow me and the mysterious strangers who grace my blog with their presence from time to time. Even if I haven’t released a review in an eternity, when I do, I can always count on it being read by a handful of people and I thank those people so much. Even if I don’t know you, the fact that you are reading this right now means so much to me and I thank you for visiting this blog.

It has been a fun two years writing for this blog and I hope it will continue to develop as the years go by. I started this blog during the summer before my first year of college and I am now writing this as I prepare for my third year of college. A lot has progressed since then and I hope that this blog will grow and change by the time I write a post for the third anniversary of this blog.

My very first review was for f(x)’s “Electric Shock” album and one of my most popular reviews was for “Pink Tape” last year and so I am excited for “Red Light” to be released next week because you know I will be pouncing on that album and reviewing it as well. It seems like it is AKR tradition now to cover f(x)’s major releases so “Red Light” will be no different. What are summer classes?!

While a lot may have changed in two years and my writing style may have changed slightly since my first review, my love for K-pop certainly has not. Here’s to being able to celebrate AKR’s 2nd anniversary and here’s to many more anniversaries to come!

– Jimmy


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