Liebster Award

Liebster Award I haven’t been blogging for a very long time and I’m very much unacquainted with the reviewer community in the blogosphere but I have a few readers who have been cheering me on since the very beginning and I am forever grateful for the few followers I have on my blog. It’s nice to know that people read my blog and have different perspectives on the music I listen to. Recently (sorry this was such a delayed response!), I was nominated by splashofinspiration for this cute award called the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award - Rules I don’t quite understand the premise of the award but it still feels nice to get nominated for it! Here are the regulations governing the award:

  • Make a list of 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions that have been posed by the nominator.
  • Nominate at least 5 other blogs for the award.
  • Come up with at least 5 questions for the nominees.
  • Post the badge on your blog.

Liebster Award - 11 Random Facts

1) I am a huge packrat collector. I have a wide variety of collections of items ranging from Lego pieces, to Pokemon cards, to ticket stubs, to gift cards, to plushies, to pencils, to those red sticks you get from those Handi-Snacks. I don’t know; I just love collecting things so I am sucker for any games that involve collecting (e.g. Pokemon).

2) Contrary to being a hoarder, I hate being disorganized so I clean my desk a lot. I stress clean so I destress by organizing my collections and redecorating my desk.

3) Also, when I’m stressed out while preparing for an exam, I will have this tendency to what I like to call “stress lecture”. I will talk to my roommates about the things I’m learning about and spazz out about the subject for like an hour and then, before I know it, I will have pretty much lectured them on half of the course material. Linguistics is just too fascinating to be kept tucked away on some notebook pages.

4) I am not a hardcore gamer as I opt for less popular forms of gaming such as turn-based RPGs (e.g. Fire Emblem, FFTA, Advance Wars, Pokemon, Final Fantasy), rhythm games (e.g. osu!), and simulation games (e.g. Animal Crossing, Disco ZooHappy Street, Tiny Tower). I love games with complex class/job systems, lots of character customization, and magic. I really dislike real-time games and I never got into any MMORPGs so I don’t play LoL or other popular online games.

5) When I was in high school, I was in marching band for my junior and senior years. No, I didn’t play any instruments as I was on the color guard. I tossed rifles and flags and sabers and danced around and dodged trombones as I chasséd across the field. I did winter guard during my senior year and it was amazing as our show was a love show and I got to pretty much be the jack of all trades and do a little bit of everything as opposed to being specialized with a certain piece of equipment. It was a very fun experience and I gained much more than I realized from the program in retrospect. My only regret is that I didn’t join earlier.

6) I speak English (obvi), Vietnamese, and French. I have been learning French since middle school and I completed French up to the intermediate level in college. I grew up speaking Vietnamese and I actually had to go to English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in elementary school when I began public schooling as a result so English isn’t really my first language. I really am interested in learning Korean or Japanese because all the languages I have at least adequate command of are SVO (subject-verb-object) languages and Japanese and Korean are SOV languages, which makes things interestingly more difficult to learn from my language background. Vietnamese also has a relatively simple grammar system and French has been the language that is the most grammar-intensive language I have learned thus far. Korean’s honorifics system and verb tenses are extremely convoluted, definitely trumping French in terms of complexity (though, that’s not to say French has a simple verb system because verb conjugations in French are an orthographic nightmare). I’m interested to see small overlaps between the Vietnamese and Korean lexicons because both languages have some Chinese-derived words in their dictionaries.

7) Before linguistics, I really wanted to study meteorology and astronomy. For some reason, weather systems fascinated me and I would often track hurricanes during hurricane season and I would check out a bunch of books on cloud formations and weather processes at the library whenever I would get a chance to go. For astronomy, I remember falling in love with stars when my third grade class got to go on a field trip to the planetarium. Both interests fizzled out in favor of linguistics by the time I got to high school unfortunately and I have been enraptured by the study of languages ever since I stumbled across it during my sophomore year of high school.

8) I really hate asparagus. And mustard. And ginger. Ick.

9) I won my middle school’s spelling bee in eighth grade and went all the way to the regional bee in San Francisco so there’s that. LOL.

10) I hate spending money. I honestly feel guilty when I spend money so I am a thrifty guy. Sometimes, I just need to learn to let go and spend those extra few bucks because, in the end, it’s all about the experiences that I get following my purchases and not really the purchase itself. Until I get a real, paying job, I probably won’t lose my thriftiness but, for now, I only spend money on necessities. I also tend to only use cash on purchases and I only do purchases online on Amazon for my textbooks and that’s only if I can’t get the books through gratuitous means.

11) I love anything mint and anything dark chocolate. I also love garlic, onions, seafood, chicken, clam chowder, potatoes, and citrus fruits. Jimmy’s Principle of Life: Iced Water > Food > Linguistics > Music > Pokemon/Pillows/Plushies > People

Lol, I totally didn’t give up halfway through the list of facts.

Liebster Award - Questions1) Have you ever wanted to quit writing for your blog? What helped you revive your interest?

Definitely. I feel like life in general has killed my inspiration to write for this blog many times. I get too busy and caught up in external affairs that I forget about this blog. However, at the end long quarters, I like to come back and write again because this blog keeps me centered. I like the community that it provides; I like the sense of collaboration and communication of ideas; I just like writing about something I love. Honestly, just listening to some good k-pop revives my interest when I get discouraged with writing because, when I hear good k-pop, I just feel energized and inspired to write about how brilliant it can be. Of course, bad k-pop inspires me to write just the same.

2) Do you have a blogger that you look up to? A blog that you wished you were the one running?

I would have to say that asplashofinspiration is a blogger who I would look up to. SOI writes for not only her blog but also for Seoulbeats and other well-known blogs as well. I would say that Seoulbeats writers in general are writers that I look to for inspiration because the topics they write about are so interesting and things I would like to write about in the future. Finally, I would like to cite angrykpopfan as another blogger who I look up to and respect. Definitely check AKF out for some awesome articles.

3) What’s a song (or two) that you enjoy listening to on a rainy day?

What a difficult question! My go-to song shifts a lot but I would say that, if it were raining right now, I would be listening to “도착” by FROMM or  “삶” by 옥상달빛.

4) What is a city you dream of living in? Do you even want to live in a city?

I would love to live in Paris or a nice town in Japan or South Korea. I’m not sure whether I like urban, suburban, or rural life better. Cities tire me out quickly but they seem more exciting but I like the comfort of suburban life.

5) Plan a five day dream vacation. You will be provided with a wormhole to take you instantly from one location to another.

Definitely got to hit up Japan and go visit a Pokemon Center and visit some gorgeous sites. Then I’d like to go to South Korea and explore Seoul and also some rural regions of Korea and Jeju Island. Then I’d like to practice my rusty French by going to Paris and then exploring the southern coast of France. If I still have time, I’d like to round out my trip with a visit to Switzerland, for their cuisine and beautiful scenery, of course.

Liebster Award - Nomination

This is going to be a cop out but, hey, I only follow so many blogs (cough like three cough) so I hope you will understand.

If you are reading this, YOU are nominated! Whether or not you even have a blog, you have been nominated for some love and thus should answer these questions! Feel free to just answer in the comments section below or on your blog (if you do answer it on your blog, please link me so I read it!)!

Liebster Award - Questions for Nominees1) If you had an infinite amount of money, what would you use the money for and why?

2) If given the opportunity, which k-pop group would you join and who would you want to engage in “fan service” (because I’m sure you’d want it to be more than fan service when the cameras are off ;P) with the most in the group?

3) What song would define your feelings at the moment?

4) If you could teleport the person you despise the most to any place in the world, where would that place be and why?

5) What skill or talent do you lack and would you like to acquire?


One comment

  1. HELLOOOO THERE~~ Haven’t seen you over here in awhile. Welcome back! 😀
    1) I would use it for a couple of things:
    – Getting stuff for my family members (family = top priority)
    – Travel around the world: visit places on my bucket list i.e. Paris, Venice, Madrid, Berlin as well as places that I really want to revisit i.e. Korea, Japan etc. My dream is to travel around the world without having to worry about $$$ HEH.
    – Expanding my wardrobe because us girls can never have enough stuff in their wardrobe. I like collecting timeless pieces.

    2) I really like Big Bang, but I don’t really feel inclined to join the group because I’ll definitely feel out of place. I would loveee to interact with Daesung (he’s my fav member) but there’s the language barrier there (probably Taeyang would be the translator?) so he may not understand what I’m saying haha.

    3) I’ve been really liking Space Cowboy’s Falling (feat. Soul Dive). It doesn’t really define my feelings at the moment but I just really like the sound of it. You should totally check out the rest of his album, it’s pretty good stuff. ^.^

    4) Hmm…I don’t really know anyone like that (idk wouldn’t it be mentally exhausting to ever despise a person till that extent?) Probably if there’s someone that I don’t really agree eye to eye with I’ll teleport them to the place I live in and show him/her around, I want to try and resolve our differences out and be friends with him/her.

    5) I would like to learn a musical instrument. (SIGH I’m too old for that now.) Anddddd….I would love to learn more languages: maybe French or Spanish or Korean? (but I’m too lazy to commit myself to learning another language hmphh…HA. It’s no wonder that I never got anywhere with my dreams. XD)

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