How This Site Works

Since I’ve been actively writing and pumping out actual content for a few months now on this blog and I think I’ve had a pretty consistent system on how I do things at AKR. Names of segments have changed and there were a few format changes here and there but, for the most part, I think this is the way I’ve been doing things since I restarted this blog.

AKR Flowchart


Essentially, for each k-pop release, I write up to three things: a segment where I talk about how well or badly I think the release will turn out, a segment where I talk about my initial reactions upon listening to a release, and a segment where I go deeper with my analysis on a release. Of course, the “Upcoming Releases” segment is a less formal version of my reviews where I fanboy about future releases. The “Preliminary Remarks” segment is even more informal and is straight up the first thoughts that come to my mind as I listen to a release for the first time. And the “Reviews” segment is self-explanatory; this is the core of my blog.

Now I won’t release all three segments for every release because I honestly have no time and it would clutter up my site. However, this is the basic premise of my blog and I am pretty satisfied with how my blog is organized at the moment.

Any suggestions would be awesome but, for now, I think this is the way AKR will be run.

Lots of new releases coming out this month so I am definitely excited to write about those! Keep your newsfeeds updated for my upcoming reviews!

– Jimmy


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