[Upcoming Release] Seo In Young – Love Me

Seo In Young - Love Me


Seo In Young’s newest single release “Love Me” is set for release on October 4th and I am going to be honest, I am kinda excited for this release. Seo In Young’s “Anymore” was an explosive pop anthem that I just absolutely fell in love with. Young doesn’t have the greatest vocals out there; let’s be real, the girl cannot hit her high notes with much power. However, she compensates for her shortcomings as a vocalist through the composition of her releases.

I think “Love Me” might be Seo In Young’s next “Anymore”. The signs for a strong release are all there. Seo In Young’s vocals lack oomph. How about some speak-singing with a featured rapper to compensate? Seo In Young lacks visibility in the k-pop realm. How about some vibrant, hipster-esque fashion to stand out? I hear some retro sounds with some vocal distortions and other neat effects in the teasers released thus far so this is shaping to be a rather interesting single.

Teaser 1

I am really enjoying the straightforward beats mingling with the piano in the background as Seo In Young speak-sings, leading to a rap à la Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. This teaser sounds slick and classy and very RnB and Seo In Young actually has a nice tone to her voice in her vocalization in this teaser. The rap counterbalances the more demure sounding speak-singing, making for an overall balanced and smooth tone and I am thoroughly excited for this release already.

Teaser 2

If this is the chorus of the song we are listening to, I am really liking the contrast between the speak-singing and rap section touted in the first teaser and the repetitive, dance pop chorus. This teaser was definitely more to showcase the visual aspect of the release as we get to see more of Seo In Young being quirky, (a little awkwardly) sassy, and looking fly as hell in her multitude of hipster and urban outfits.



This dance single seems like it is looking to be a very solid release from Seo In Young, who is striving to get her moment under the sun after her departure from Jewelry. I think the continuation of her hipster image from “Anymore” was the right decision because it bestows Seo In Young with a colorful, different image. She isn’t the cookie-cutter pop princess that many solo female artists get marketed to be. Seo In Young is a rebel and her hipster vibe is definitely helping her rebellion. Why must solo female artists only market themselves as sexy vixens who sing only about getting revenge on their ex-lovers? Seo In Young shows that you can be a female going solo in the k-pop industry and still release some colorful pop.


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