[Upcoming Release] IU – Between the Lips

IU - Between the Lips

IU’s upcoming album, “Modern Times”, is dropping on October 7th but she has already released a neat little teaser to quell some of the anticipation. From the overall look of the teaser photos and the snippet of this track that we have been offered thus far, it seems that IU is abandoning her whimsical, innocent sound from her previous releases for a more mature, refined sound.

I am anticipating heavy influences from jazz and RnB as her teaser boasts a very jazzy sound and the music video was very classy and certainly sensual. During IU’s previous release, I was hoping for her to commit to a more mature concept as it was supposed to be a sort of coming of age album. However, I was somewhat disappointed by the recurrence of a whimsical, more childish tone that a handful of the songs on the album had.

This release seems to be striving for something more serious and grown up because the Nation’s Little Sister has finally matured to the point that it would seem extremely odd for her to sing another orchestral pop song. Yes, I understand that it is her niche but IU needs to progress as an artist and I think this release might be her ticket to adulthood. From the seductive staring while on the bed to the jazzy little sample of a track on the album, “Modern Times” seems very promising and I am excited to listen to it.


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