Minor Hiatus Ahead

It has been a very fun summer break for me as I got to revive this previously deceased blog by writing about some awesome k-pop releases this summer. The reactions I got far surpassed my expectations and the new blogs I got to become acquainted with have been all awesome. I would like to thank everyone who liked and commented on my posts; your reactions have been very encouraging to this burgeoning reviewer. AKR has been a quaint little space where I can express my thoughts and feelings on k-pop and I would like to thank everyone who comes across this blog because, as much as I want to downplay the influence of views, when I get views on posts I’ve worked hard on, it makes me feel really great inside.

Unfortunately, being a college student means that I am still on the school year system, which means I will be burdened with college life starting next week. I am moving back into the dorms this Saturday, marking the beginning of a minor hiatus for the Aspiring K-pop Reviewer. This will mean that posts from this blog will be slow (yes, slower than it has been this past summer, haha) but I’m not entirely quitting. I will try to post something up.

This minor hiatus should last until around mid-December, when I will be on winter break. There should be some awesome end-of-the-year releases and performances that I could write about then.

For now, I hope you all have a wonderful fall and here’s hoping my next post won’t be too long from now! I have one or two drafts that I want to finish up soon before classes officially start next Thursday so perhaps there will be a review out soon from me.

One thing is for sure though – I don’t want to bail out on this blog completely.

– Jimmy

P.S. I updated my About The Reviewer page so it is more complete and so I don’t appear like a totally unrelateable person. 😀


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