[Preliminary Remarks] 2NE1 – Do You Love Me

2NE1 - Do You Love Me

Music: Yes, 2NE1 is definitely returning to their electro roots with this next release! CL’s vocal solo totally surprised me. I was a little disappointed that CL only got rap parts in Falling In Love but damn, YG sure let her belt it in this single! Unfortunately, it’s at the expense of Minzy, who got less parts in this song. :/ Tradeoffs, tradeoffs, but it’s all good. I bet Minzy will get her moment to shine eventually. Bom’s vocals serve as the backbone of this track and she has such a strong voice, as usual. Dara held her own. Sorta. All in all, this is a traditional 2NE1 song, through and through. Upbeat, chaotic, amazing. They upped the amount of melodies in a song with this track so that’s another plus!

Choreo: The choreography is just banging and so festive! I cannot wait to see a live performance of this! Bom is lagging as usual but it’s ok, I forgive you, Bommie. Minzy just WERKS every choreo thrown at her. Like that girl was born for the stage because she just slays the choreo in this one (and evidently any 2NE1 choreo for that matter). CL is such a charismatic performer and it shows – even in a practice runthrough of the song, she still goes all out. Dara is a little less noticeable but she has a lighter sassy quality to her presence. It’s not in your face, fiery fierce as CL or Minzy but she got some cutesy sass.

I think I have found my August jam. Can’t wait for the girls to perform this live. Can’t wait to hear the HQ version of the track. Can’t wait to try and fail at dancing the choreo to this song. This is what 2NE1 fans probably were expecting when Falling In Love came out. Well, you finally got your electro-party track so I guess the wait was worth it!


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