[Upcoming Release] 2NE1 – Do You Love Me

2NE1 - Do You Love Me


2NE1 just released their first teaser for their upcoming single, Do You Love Me, and, I don’t know about y’all, but I am hella excited.

From the tiny snippet we get to hear in the teaser, it sounds like 2NE1 is returning to their electro roots and coming back to their I Am The Best days. I predict that it will be a party-worthy track replete with bold synths and reckless abandon (at least, that’s what I hope the track will be like).

The home-video concept for the music video is very interesting notion. While I know it’s mostly due to time and financial constraints, I think it’s a rather interesting change of pace for 2NE1. An MV composed of vlogs isn’t revolutionary but it indeed conjures up a visually more organic and natural image. If the teaser is an indication of anything, I think the MV is going to be a fun, crazy snapshot of the ladies of 2NE1 partying up and that’s honestly all I kinda want. A lot of fans are disappointed because they’re demanding a flashier spectacle but I think a more honest and raw home-video style MV is the way to go with their second single. Like how restrained everything felt with Falling In Love, I think these girls and YG are saving the best for last when they go full throttle for their full album release later this fall.

Can I just say how adorable everyone is in the teaser though? Dara is hella adorably psycho and CL is like the big sis. Minzy is playing with a towel and Bom is wearing a balloon and dancing in a bathtub. If the MV is as crazy as this teaser, I will be thoroughly entertained for a long while.

Patience, Blackjacks. Let’s just be grateful for the fact that YG and 2NE1 are brave and bold enough to go for a single release per month until their album release. I think that in itself is a commendable and spectacular thing.


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