[Single Review] Kim Greem – Just the Two of Us

Kim Greem - Just the Two of Us

K2 star Kim Greem returns with a jazzy, sensual track entitled “Just the Two Us”. Greem is joined by 2Bic’s Jeehwan and Kanto, who both leave a prominent mark on the track. While the music video will not excite many viewers, the music itself is what makes this release. Though it isn’t the most impressive release out there, there are shining moments to counter the track’s shortcomings. The revival of jazz is quickly becoming a trend among k-pop artists, with Greem’s track arguably being one of the better attempts of capturing the classy genre.

Music Video

There isn’t much to talk about for the music video as it simply is a series of black and white photoshoots with Greem. Just her looking hot and bothered in revealing clothing pretty much. Yeah.


The song is definitely more eventful. The first third of the song is where Greem gets to shine as she opens the track with some nice jazzy vocals. There’s a sensual quality to her voice that I think fits nicely with jazz music. In the beginning, her vocals flirt the line between whispering and singing, which sounds lovely with the jazzy instrumentation, complete with jazz snaps, in the background. As the track trails on, Greem’s vocal weakness quickly manifests itself. I was expecting her vocals to get stronger and more bluesy or soulful or something because the instrumental was urging along this sort of build up but Greem’s vocals never quite grows powerful. She probably wanted to stick to this sensual tone to match the sexy concept of this release but sensual doesn’t necessarily entail a hush-hush, quieter tone. Her vocals were lacking something that prevented her from fully committing to that jazzy tone that she was aiming for and I believe it was that lack of force behind her voice. Ultimately her vocals sound a bit too restrained and seem to suddenly bail out when the key shifts up a notch and Jeehwan’s part begins.

Right off the bat, Jeehwan makes a strong impression as his vocalizing in the beginning of his section foreshadowed his vocal competence. The vibrato in his voice was just incredible to listen to and as opposed to Greem’s subdued and restrained vocals, Jeehwan’s vocals had force and volume, which I felt that the song was calling for. He belts out his lines during his chorus and continues to do so as he does some very well-executed ad-libbing underneath Kanto’s rap, which was a very nice touch in this track. It wasn’t exactly needed but it certainly added a certain flavor to the song. Greem’s closing line returned to the whispering tone and, honestly, that is where she sounded the most jazzy. It was sensual and wispy and just had a generally authentic jazz vibe.



The juxtaposition between Greem’s part and Jeehwan’s part was a little unfortunate as this track was supposed to showcase Greem but the inclusion of Jeehwan’s vocal talent overshadowed Greem’s vocals. Rather than a release from a single vocalist, it sounded more like a collaboration of multiple artists or even a k-pop group. Regardless, the combination of vocals made this track stand out. While Greem’s vocals were underwhelming, her wispy tone in the beginning and end of the track was characteristically jazz, which I felt like was the intent. Jeehwan’s powerful vocals compensated for Greem’s weaker rendition of the chorus and Kanto’s rap gave the song an extra, albeit unnecessary, edge. All in all, it was a welcomed foray into jazz by a Korean artist and the jazzy vocals of both Greem and Jeehwan certainly did not disappoint or disrespect the genre the track was inspired by.



It was more like Jeehwan and Kim Greem (feat. Kanto) but the trio definitely pulls off jazz well. Exciting MV if you like watching a scantily clad girl get a bunch of pictures taken for 4 minutes straight. 


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