[Single Review] B.A.P – Hurricane

B.A.P - Hurricane

Wow, I finally get to review a k-pop boy band’s release. B.A.P’s Hurricane is another release that is following on the general trend of genre-mashing that has been set by SNSD’s “I Got A Boy”, which was released on the first day of this year. While IGAB was a welcomed deviant from the girls’ past releases, the deviation came at the cost of a cohesive song (“ayo, stop, let me put it down another way” is the producers’ way of saying “we gave up but here’s a new song section”). This release was not without flaws but, where IGAB failed, I believe B.A.P’s Hurricane succeeded.

Music Video

The music video was a typical one – let’s dress the boys up in slick clothing and let them pretend to be badass mofos in a well-known, affluent American city. Essentially, it was just B.A.P dancing around, driving around, walking around, jumping around, and hanging around suspiciously vacated areas of Las Vegas. Pretty standard k-pop MV fare. Gotta give props to the members who were dancing intensely during the dance break (that one dude who did a flip, damn) and the slick outfits some of the boys got. Hot.


The song is pretty hot too. One main gripe I had with IGAB was that the transitions between sections of the songs were too half-assed because the producers essentially just gave up on coming up with a natural way of bridging extremely disparate sections of the song together. In Hurricane, transitions were seamless for the most part. There are rapping sections with catchy whistles and an ominous beat, which were well-executed save for the cringe-worthy and downright embarrassing Engrish (I kid you not, one of the members warned us that “the loof, the loof, the loof is on fi-ah”).  There is the chorus with the boys declaring that “[they] hurricane” and I, as the listener, believe in that statement because the frenetic electronic sounds convinced me so. There’s a funky vocal section that follows the “we hurricane” section that has this groovy guitar and some nice retro instrumentals in the background to accompany some very awesome, strong vocals. Finally, we have that monster of a dance break – it was intense and B.A.P really was “[turning] it up now” because of the interesting accelerando used in this section, where the tempo grew faster and faster, leading seamlessly into the release for the tension, which was appropriately the “we hurricane”, psychotic chorus. All of the sections had smooth transitions (no “don’t stop, let’s bring it back to 1:40” nonsense) because while the sections seemed like different genres on paper, the sections were executed in a way that they sounded similar to each other enough so that it would sound effortless to string them together. Had IGAB was composed of more similar sounding sections, it would have been easier for the producers to make the transitions smoother.



This was definitely an unexpectedly great release from B.A.P. While the MV was a bit generic and whatever, the song had this really great energy to it, like something I would hear in a racing video game. The transitions between sections were smooth, the sections themselves were polished for the most part, and that dance break and ending was definitely the cherry on top. B.A.P definitely has to watch the English next time but I have faith that these handsome underdogs will put out a nice album (which is apparently coming soon – August 6th).



Energetic, frenetic genre-mashing song with smooth transitions, an intense dance break, and cute guys in slick outfits running around Las Vegas.


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