[Preliminary Remarks] f(x) – Pink Tape

f(x) Pink Tape

Enjoy the new album! A review for it will be released soon! Read the full review here! Definitely some surprises on this album already!

Preliminary Remarks:

Shadow: Yes! This was as great of a song as I thought it would be. Definitely a great track to open up the album.

Pretty Girl: Wtf, for a song I thought would be a 1D copycat, it’s actually really good! What a surprise!

Kick: Pretty trippy track. I think it will grow on me if I listen to it more. Definitely a hectic song with lots of random bits of instruments.

Signal: Kinda disco and lounge. Not up to par with my prior expectations from the highlight medley. It’s a little boring. Amber’s part is a little cheesy… Not really up my alley, in all honesty.

Step: Damn, dem horns though! A rather sassy track with some dark instrumentals in the background. I can’t tell if the horns are annoying or augmenting the bold and brash energy of this track. Pretty nice song though. Definitely reached my original expectations. LOLOL “Hey, get out of the way, PLEASE”.

Goodbye Summer: Amber apparently wrote this song. Claps for Amber because this is a pretty good downtempo track. Love the vocals and rapping. Hello D.O. from EXO. Love your vocals, thanks.

Airplane: Damn, this is a more aggressive track than I had anticipated. Love the retro synths in the background. Love the vocals. AMBER SINGS IN THIS SONG. I just love the COME WITH ME, AIRPLANE, LOVE part.

Toy: Low expectations set on this one. Speak-singing to start this track, ugh. The verses are actually melodic and catchy and very peppy. I really like the verses but that chorus is just annoying to me for some reason. The distortion during the middle eight though. Is it supposed to be dubstep? :/ Yeah, not a very cohesive track and it’s random but not as interesting as Kick was.

No More: Cute start. Love the guitar and the summery vocals. I just love the light, lovely feel to this song! Yessss. Love this song!

Snapshot: WTF. Broadway/Vaudeville opening to this really weird chorus that I don’t like? OMG WTF IS THIS. ELECTROSWING. Sold. This track has electroswing in it. I am utterly surprised. The chorus sucks but the electroswing is a definite +2 stars.

Ending Page: Um, I thought it was going to be a generic ballad? Pretty nice how the chorus contrasts with the verses. Pretty good, definitely surpasses my expectations.

Some closing preliminary remarks, this album surprised me. There were a lot of surprises that were left hidden from the highlight medley. I will definitely give this album a couple more listens to see what’s up but there were a lot of standout tracks in this album. Excited to write a review for it!


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