[Single Review] Miss $ – You Were Not The…

Miss $ - You Were Not The...

Yes, you read that right, it is Miss $, a Korean hip hop girl group, who has released a downtempo, acoustic version of “You Were Not The…” for their MV. I may be cheating it a bit with this review since I advertise that I review k-pop releases and this is k-hip hop but I think this release is worth sharing to the k-pop community.

Music Video

The music video is already noteworthy as, right away, the camera is in the point of view of the guy in a relationship who messed up. I just love all of the awesome effects used in this video, especially how the lyrics appear on the notebook and the other book that the guy opens and how these doodles come to life on the pages to illustrate the rapping that is going on in the song. The cashier was a little unnerving to watch because she was lipsyncing to the song as she was serving the guy and she just had this dead, empty expression on the entire time. If she’s the one actually singing, I gotta give her props for the vocals. The fighting couple sitting to the left of the guy mirrored the guy’s relationship so their presence was intentional. I just love the ending when the girl shows up in a climactic rap section and just straight up leaves the guy without ever looking back. I think that was an important aspect of that scene; the fact that she never looked back showed that she was confident in her decision to break up and she was taking control of the situation.

One of the most interesting aspects of this MV was the fact that the guy’s acting was all through his hands. How he tried to touch his soon-to-be ex in a futile attempt to get her back showed how futile it is to attempt to charm someone through physical means. It really antagonized the guy because it showed how he was probably in the relationship just for the relationship. He was in it for the physical connection of being able to touch someone and to get intimate and being able to construct this facade of happiness (as shown by the video clip on his laptop). Unfortunately, I have not studied the Korean language and so I don’t fully understand the video compared to how a native Korean speaker would understand it but those are just my impressions after watching the video. The fact that the MV provoked me to think despite the fact that I don’t even understand Korean deserves applause.


The song itself was just beautiful. The rapping was tasteful and just sounded so poetic. Vocals were spot on and that falsetto in the chorus sounded brilliant. Miss $ really committed to the emotions evoked by this song as the song was chillingly and painfully melancholy. I never listened to the original but this version sounds stripped down and vulnerable and very coffee shop-worthy. This song belongs in my iTunes library for sure.



The poetic rapping combined with the strong, breathy vocals makes for a truly beautiful song. The MV is well-produced, creative, and thought-provoking.


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