[Miscellaneous] Go, f(x)! – Dance Rehearsal

Skip to 2:18 if you’d like to just watch the choreography with the song that was taken out. 

So I was watching Go, f(x)! on YouTube when I got to the part where the girls were rehearsing in LA with choreographer Kevin Maher. Oddly enough, the song they were dancing to got cut out but luckily, I found a Vietsub for that part of the episode of Go, f(x)! so I was able to watch the girls dance to the actual song. I just love the choreography! So sassy and sexy!

I felt like Amber had a very masculine take on the choreography, which was cool. I always think Sulli looks bored while dancing but I think it’s only because she has a sort of mature vibe when it comes to dancing. She’s very composed and has a restrained sense of sexiness; like she has the confidence but she doesn’t want to be in your face about her confidence, kinda like a silent femme fatale kind of vibe. Luna is like the opposite and likes to go all out with her energy and like be bright in her performance. I think it was to compensate for the fact that she was struggling to get the choreo down as, if you watch in the scene previous to where the girls actually dance, she is always slightly behind when Kevin Maher is reviewing the choreo so she seemed a little cautious whereas Sulli seemed like she just got it right away. In the shots where Luna is dancing in the back row, you could also see her being a little hesitant and restrained with the choreo too, which is fine. The girl is a beast at singing and the effort she puts into performing the crap out of the choreo is truly commendable. Fake it until you make it, right?

Anyways, the song they were dancing to didn’t resemble anything on the highlight medley, which is a shame because it sounds like such an awesome track and the choreography to the song is banging too. Hopefully, this song will come up in as an additional song in a repackaged album or as a future single or something! When it comes out, I really want to learn the choreo to this song. I just love the “you~” part where they point and do this mini body roll.



    1. Yeah, I’m a little confused as to why they learned choreography to that song as well. It’s called “Cash Me Out” by Zara Larsson, which was released along with her EP earlier this month so it’s not exactly a demo. My guess is that either SM is in the process of buying the song to make an f(x) version to release sometime in the future or they’re just learning choreography for some kind of variety show and are just using that song.

  1. What’s more likely to have happened is that both SM and the company that produces and records Zara boughts the rights simultaneously, and Zara just so happened to release it first. (Apparently you can sell a song under a ‘East’ and a ‘West’ license. Stupid, I know.)

    Unlike SM, which rearranges the songs for their groups and has to add choreography, Zara probably didn’t take very long before releasing the recorded version to the public. Ergo, it appears that it is “her song” as opposed to a song that both parties bought. Unfortunately this happens really often for the K-pop company who loves buying Swedish-pop/Europop songs.

    1. There are such distinctions as “East” and “West” licenses? 😐 And, I see. I was just confused because Zara clearly has released the song already on her EP which made me think that she beat SM to it but I guess multiple companies can buy the same song so long as it’s sold under a different license.

      1. (Edit: that “boughts” is supposed to be “bought” but I was too lazy to put an edit comment)

        Yeah. It’s the reason why SNSD has their own version of “Mercy” made in 2008. But what puzzles me is how they could think that a song could just “stop” being listened to half way around the world. Music is a very global thing, so it’s weird that ownership of a song can be treated this way.

  2. Um I think what happened here is that the song was barely used to fill in the audio of the video. Somehow I’m pretty sure that by that time SM wasn’t even sure that they’re going to release this as a comeback song, and bcs of that they wouldn’t risk giving out the real track, even demos or anything…. So yea…. I think this isn’t anywhere near f(x)’ supposedly new song(?)

    1. True, Go! f(x) was released a couple months before the release of their Pink Tape release so it is totally possible that it was still up in the air if the song would be used as a comeback track. I just think it’s odd that they would have all this preparation for nothing. SM hired an American choreographer and rented out a studio in LA just so the girls could learn the dance. Amber was talking about how they were learning the staging of the song as well so the intent of performing this song on stage was definitely there. The choreography matched the song way too well for the song to be just used as a filler for the video but I think you have a point because the removal of the audio probably indicates that SM is probably on the fence about f(x) making a comeback release with this track. I still think the possibilities of an f(x) version of “Cash Me Out” is still viable, though, but whatever happens, happens.

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