[Upcoming Release] f(x) – Pink Tape

f(x) Pink Tape

So I would like to add in a new segment to AKR called “Upcoming Releases”,  in which I give my preliminary opinions on the tracks in an album or single based on what I hear from a highlight medley or teaser. A highlight medley, for those who don’t know, is just a video that is a collection of small samples of every song in a soon-to-be-released album. In this case, I will be giving my preliminary thoughts on the songs in f(x) upcoming album, “Pink Tape”, which is due for release on July 29th. Click here to listen to the full album!

The song titles below should, in theory, be in the same order as shown in the video.

Rum Pum Pum Pum

I already reviewed this song but let’s just say that the MV is a letdown but the song is very nice and creative. For my full thoughts on this song and its MV, click here.

Pretty Girl 

This song sounds very reminiscent of One Direction with its pop rock vibe. The xylophone-like sound kinda threw me off though because it countered the rougher sounds of the rock guitar and the manly “hey” in the background. Can’t say I am impressed by this small snippet of the song.


Sounds like “Electric Shock Pt. 2”, complete with the electronic sounds blaring in the background and annoying speak-singing. Again, not too excited for this song, unfortunately, but we shall see. 


Pretty nice vocals in this one. Sounds like tame house music. I’m a little intrigued by how the rest of the song will go but mainly because it sounds vaguely lounge-like. 


HELL YEAHHH WERRRKKK. This track sounds like sassy club music that you would hear at a runway (I mean the lyrics are literally about stepping; “better watch my step”). Love the distortion and mischievous sounds in the background. Definitely anticipating this one. 

Goodbye Summer (feat. D.O. of EXO-K) 

Damn, is Amber rapping in full English? Sounds like a nice, generic ballad/RnB song. Amber getting the spotlight is promising though. I think that girl has a lot of potential so I am a little excited to hear the rest of this song. 


I kinda am digging this snippet because the instrumental sounds like the retro electronic music that is getting popular among indie groups lately. Yesssss.


Ugh, speak-singing and it sounds like another generic pop song. Noooo. “Never, never”. 

No More 

This might be a little trivial but I just can’t help but be reminded by CL’s single “Baddest Female” when I heard f(x) sing “gijibe” in this snippet and I was laughing because this song sounds like the antithesis of “Baddest Female”. It’s a light, feel-good kind of song from what I have gathered in the sample. This has piqued my interests slightly.


More speak-singing/bad rapping. It sounds like they tried for a “NU ABO pt. 2” but made it accidentally cheesier. Maybe the full version will convince me otherwise but yeah, not too keen about the snapshot for this song.

Ending Page 

Just the obligatory, generic-sounding ballad. Oh well. 


When I first heard this on the first teaser for “Pink Tape”, I was hooked. For a song entitled “Shadow”, it sounds super light and upbeat! I love the electro-swing elements in this song and I love the energy that this song exudes. Jazzy chord progression, cutesy vocals, interesting musical choices, I am definitely anticipating the full version of this song.

Rum Pum Pum Pum

I have to say, it’s a rather strong track compared to the other tracks on “Pink Tape” (from what I have gathered from the highlight medley, of course) and SM was smart in making it the spearhead track for the album by releasing the MV for it earlier than the actual album. Well-played, SM, well-played. 



Anticipated Tracks: Rum Pum Pum Pum, Signal, Step, Goodbye Summer, Airplane, No More, Shadow


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