[Upcoming Release] EXO – Growl

EXO - Growl

From the 29-second snippet, it sounds like a catchy and slick RnB track that I would listen to. I was impressed with EXO’s first album (though I did not write a review for it, shamefully; but definitely check it out if you haven’t!) and this newest addition to the album doesn’t sound like it will disappoint.

I’ve read many comments online that this song seems like it was meant for Super Junior as it feels like more down SuJu’s style but being the girl group-biased fanboy I am, I actually do not follow the Super Junior fandom and thus I am immune to that sentiment. I do agree though that SM seems to be hyping up EXO to the point that it seems like they are trying to make EXO the next SuJu.

Regardless, from what I could hear in the teaser, it sounds like a promising and slick new addition to EXO’s repertoire. My only concern for the song at this point is how repetitive it will be as the teaser does not show much variation in the song (no chord changes, no dynamic changes, repetitive lyrics, repetitive melody) but I’m hoping the release will be cohesive and tastefully repetitive. There’s a fine line between being obnoxiously repetitive and tastefully repetitive and I am hoping that “Growl” will not disappoint.



The mighty wolves of EXO are growling now; seems like it will be a slick as hell growl. 


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