[Single Review] 2NE1 – Falling in Love

2NE1 - Falling in Love

The fierce ladies of 2NE1 recently released their first of four summer singles (they will be releasing one per month from July onwards). Entitled “Falling in Love”, the track is a breezy, reggae-tinged track that attempts to bridge the light, carefree energy of summer with the sass and fire of 2NE1. While many Blackjacks were anticipating a knock-out, hardcore dance track for 2NE1’s first comeback song, releasing a lighter song as the spearhead for the ladies’ comeback summer extravaganza was perhaps a smart decision.

Music Video

The MV was a change of pace from past 2NE1 MVs as the usual chaotic and brash energy was replaced with a more laid back and restrained sense of sass. While the beach scenes seemed a little cheap, by complete contrast, the scenes with Minzy and CL in that huge room that housed golden lions and golden ripped men were overflowing with affluence (of course, +1 for the golden men). The basketball scenes seemed very contrived and unrealistic however and I have to admit, Bom is a little too awkward and stiff most of the time (just watch her try to point out the hot guys playing basketball to Dara, she looks like she wants to kill them rather than bang them). The choreography is very cute and sensual except for that random part where the girls square dance at the very beginning of CL’s second rap section. All in all, the MV wasn’t groundbreaking but it was minimalistic and summery and I think that was the intent behind the video. It was just to gently reintroduce the girls back into the k-pop radar and to mark just the beginning of their comeback.


Musically, the song is as advertised. The song begins with an uncomfortable and indiscernible mess of what I think is supposed to resemble a reggae-style voice (“let that really make some noise…kill them” is what I heard). The “are you ready” section really hyped up the song for me, mainly because I was so prepared for a huge song. Not the biggest letdown but once the verse began, I was a little disappointed by the lighter tone of the song. The track alternates between this soft, beach-ready reggae section and this sassy, hip-hop-like rap section reserved for the Baddest Female Seoul City Ever Had. I just loved the catchy chorus where Bom and her bomb ass vocals gets to shine. Though the song doesn’t allow her to demonstrate her full capabilities as a vocalist, it was definitely nice to hear her sing again. Another highlight is Minzy’s mellifluous vocals during the verses, where she gets to show off her lovely lower range. CL just smashes her raps as usual so not too much to comment about her. I was surprised by Dara, who held her own during the bridge. She has, decidedly, the weakest vocals in the group but, given the right vocal processing treatment, she has that reggae tone which really fit nicely with the song.



Honestly, this song wasn’t meant to be a sensational hit. It was supposed to be gentle introduction to a grander, brasher album that 2NE1 has yet to fully reveal. I believe the ladies of 2NE1 has many more tricks up their sleeves and this is just their opening act.



A breezy, beach-worthy love song that is the prelude to a possibly grander album that is due for release this fall. Watch the MV for the hot ladies of 2NE1 and golden men. 


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