And thus it begins…

Alright, I will put this out there now: I am not the most avid K-pop listener out there, nor am I a music professor. I am simply just a casual listener of music who can be slightly critical. However, I love to write and I love K-pop and this blog is merely the marriage of my two favorite things.

Every time a new single comes out, I am always hitting up Google and searching for any reviews of the songs and I would always be impressed by how these reviewers were so knowledgeable and critical. This blog is inspired by those reviewers but, most importantly, this blog is just a way for me to express my love for this genre of music.

The opinions expressed here are just merely that – opinions. I don’t have a doctorate in music nor am I an allkpop reviewer who has extensive knowledge of the genre. I’m just doing this for fun and I do hope that you enjoy what I put out and, most of all, I really hope you have your own opinions as well. I am always interested in the opinions of other, fellow K-pop listeners.

Anyways, here’s hoping for at least a couple of successful posts from now on!


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